Tuesday, 4 June 2013

London Tattoo Convention, the greatest show on earth!

Welcome to the International London Tattoo Convention @ Tobacco Dock. 

  Welcome to the 9th Year of The London Tattoo Convention to be held on 27,28,29th September 2013.

Advance tickets will be available on line soon with our new ticket website“Kingpin Tickets”.

We are currently having tests run to satisfy ourselves of efficiency and security. It may take another 2 weeks sorry for the delay!

The show has grown from modest roots to become one of the most heralded and respected shows of its kind anywhere in The World. It has showcased some of the finest tattoo work from many of the finest Artists in The World and it continues to lead where others follow!

It’s evolution goes far beyond being just a Tattoo Convention, it has grown into a full on Lifestyle event encompassing many aspects of Tattoo Culture attracting Global audiences and media coverage.

With visitor numbers increasing year on year we have strived to maintain an extreme quality of event in an ever demanding environment. WE have teamed up with the new management team of Tobacco Dock Venue Reborn to bring our event even further than we previously could have imagined!

With huge investment in this historic building we now have the opportunity to offer better facilities, be it the new internal toilet blocks on both sides of the upper building or the recently opened Great Gallery that features over 14.000 sq feet of space. Our commitment to the Venue has given us an unprecedented vision for the future which will see this amazing event continue to evolve for years to come!”

Welcome to London 2013 http://www.thelondontattooconvention.com/